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-Obviously, what’s your name?: SaraEve
-Any nicknames?: Indigo Elf, Forensic Houseian
-How old are you?: 24
-How do you usually act during stressful situations?: i've dealth with enough stress in the past few years, i think by now i can handle it pretty well. it can take a lot to get me pissed.
-If a friend or associate was in deep shit, how would you react to the situation?: i would help them out. that's my job. i am the person who always helps people out.
-How good are you with people?: i worked in retail since i was 16. i think i deserve the i can take a lot of shit award.
-What bad habits do you possess?: i bite my nails, i don't use capital letters. i don't think that nor using capital letters is a bad thing though. when i get dressed, i don't care if my tag is hanging out of the back of my shirt. i'm loud, and i don't care who is in the room, and i curse without giving it a second thought.
-What are your closest friends like?: he's a writer, 10 years older than me, and if not for him i don't think i would have gone through with my brain surgery. He feels fine loving me when i need it and berating me when necessary, which is often.
-What’s your favorite bands/types of music?: Dave Matthews Band (i have seen them over 20 times) and Coldplay
-What do you do for a living (i.e. school, work, etc.)? professional snarker
-What are six positive adjectives that describe you?: poetess, independent, supportinve, comical, relaxed, creative
-What are six negative adjectives that describe you?: stubborn, reclusive (at times) dependent, angered, sarcastic, vengeful
-What sort of people are you attracted to?: people that know what i mean when i say it, that are caught up in the moment. people that don't care about owning things, but about doing things. people that don't care about getting dirty if it means getting down all night.
-What’s your current relationship status?: engaged
-If you’re in a group, what part do you play (intelligent one, the funny one, etc.)?: the loud one, that sometimes says the inappropriate things at inapproiate times. i like to get things going. but i am also the intellegent one, i have an ability to draw a person into a conversation and sit there for hours, finding the thing that it is we somehow have in common.
-What do you usually wear on an average day?: jean, tee shirts, and a rainbow of sneakers. right now i wear my brown chucks everywhere.
-What do you think about smoking?: i have never smoked a cigarette in my life, and never will.
-Tell us an anecdote (a short account of an interesting or humorous incident) that involved you: i had brain surgery to improve my epilepsy in May of 2005. i was in the hospital for 20 days. on one of the days that i was in pain and they were attempting to sedate me, my mother was watching House , and they played Dave Matthews 'Some Devil' at the end of the episode. i managed to knock over whoever it was that was trying to help me with my iv just to see that part of the show so i could hear Dave Matthews.
-What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?: my parents divorced when i was 4. the only thing i remember about my relationship with my father is watermellon candy, i don't know why. when i saw him in court before i went in for surger, to tell the judge that he was resposnible for half the bills, he did not blink and eye. my mother and i have managed to hold it together, even though it is hard. but she was there for me, and i am there for her.
-What’s your opinion on tipping?: my brother is a waiter. so i am biased. ;) i tip at least the minimum.
-What’s your opinion on cops?: there is so much wasted when it comes to them. there are so many other things we could do with the money that we spend on them to sit around and take a nap in their cars.
-How well do you take orders from others?: you better have a damn good reason to tell me what to do.
-Do you have any piercings?: just my ears. my body seems to reject piercings.
-Describe your favorite restaurant.: < when i have cash, a steakhouse. just steak and a baked potato. but lately my favorite has been diners. [i am totally serious, i was at one today] same thing everytime: 2 eggs over easy, ham, home fries well done, and white toast with butter. </b>
What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?: park our car in the street in Camden. :: bends over laughing::
-What do you like to do with your friends?: go to the movies, go out to eat, bbq, and go to concerts.
-What’s your favorite TV show?: CSI (all thee of them) AND House (i couldn't make it just one)
-What is your dream occupation?: owning my own music store. think empire records.
-Do you generally do as you’re told?: </b>meh. i'm not really told to do anything because people know my view on that.
-If you were in a fight, what kind of weapon would you wield and why?: a sword. because they are a damn fine killing instrument.
-What’s the one most important thing in your life?: my now 7 year old sister
-What was the most painful thing that has ever happened to you?: climbing up on the operating room table on my OWN TWO FEET to have my brain surgery.
-Are you more of a vengeful or passive person?: i findthat i am more vengefuul now.
-Describe the worst day of your life thus far.:
May 2, 2005. The first day of the two surgeriest. </b>
-What was the stupidest thing you and your friends have ever done?: getting severely drunk by the train track during the sunset when the bats came out. :shudder::
-Have you ever played multiple mind-games with anyone before?: with basically all of my ex boyfriend. and it was fun.
-Do you like or dislike children?: i like them.
-What is your favorite mythological creature and why?: The Great Mother Goddess of druidic worship. Through their religion you learn to worship the earth and the cycle of the tides. She also represents the lifeflow, and how the bloodline is really carried through women, and not men, which makes sense.
-Do you like to travel?: i never have (i have out of state, does that count?) but i am hoping to visit Amsterdam and New Zealand in the near future.
-Would you like to be stamped as a guy, girl, or both?: this does not matter to me, if i show a preference, i think that might make the application a little biased.
-Please post at least one picture of yourself (if possible):
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Me in the Hospital during my surgery.
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Me with my fiancee~~ i'm the chick

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