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Quentin Tarantino Rating
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Quentin Tarantino Rating

Hello and welcome to qt_rating, or Quentin Tarantino Rating. This, like most character rating communities is a place to discover which Tarantino character you resemble most in mind, body, and spirit from Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, From Dusk Till Dawn, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Natural Born Killers, or True Romance. If you follow the rules, have fun, and don’t act like a horse’s ass your moderator unmodified (the Quentin Tarantino) and her co-mod lipstick_kiss_ (the Robert Rodriquez) won’t have to throw you out.

1.) You have to join the community. Simple no-brainer.
2.) When joining, fill out the application thoroughly. Show reasons behind your choices so it can help us, the voters, pick which QT character you’re most like.
3.) LJ-Cut your application, kids. Don’t know how? Livejournal’s FAQ can help if you look under journal entries.
4.) You may only apply once.
5.) Try not to shoot for one character. It takes away all the flavor of figuring out whom you’re most like.
6.) You must be a member to vote but you don’t have to be stamped in order to do so! Important!
7.) For voters: please, for the love of God, bold the name of the person you are stamping as. Explanations for choices are a bonus since it supports your choice.
8.) Sharing is caring. Make sure to at least vote once and while here even if you’re stamped. You don’t have to add this place to your friend’s list, just make sure to come in, vote, mingle. You know.
9.) Don’t be a dick and spam.
10.) Advertising for Quentin Tarantino related topics is A-OK.
11.) Behave and don’t bash other members. Use common sense.
12.) Don’t freeload off my stamps by hotlinking. Save them to your own server.
13.) If there is a tie, your moderator will make a decision.
14.) Please put, "Goddamn, that's a pretty fuckin' good milkshake!" in the title so we know that you did, indeed, read the rules.

Reservoir Dogs
-Mr. Orange/Freddy Newandyke
-Mr. Blonde/Vic Vega
-Mr. White/Larry Dimmick
-Mr. Pink
-Mr. Brown
-Edward “Nice Guy Eddie” Cabot

Pulp Fiction
-Jules Winnfield
-Vincent Vega
-Mia Wallace
-Jimmy Dimmick

Jackie Brown
-Jackie Brown
-Louis Gera
-Ordell Robbie

Four Rooms
-Chester Rush
-Ted the Bellhop

From Dusk Till Dawn
-Seth Gecko
-Richie Gecko
-Kate Fuller

Kill Bill
-Beatrix Kiddo
-O-Ren Ishii
-Vernita Green
-Elle Driver
-Sofie Fatale
-Gogo Yubari

Natural Born Killers
-Mickey Knox
-Melanie Knox
-Wayne Gayle

True Romance

_coyotemoon is super-cool: Mr. Brown

seasidestarlet is super-cool: Jimmie Dimmick and Fabienne

crystalprincess is super-cool: Chester Rush and Sophie Fatale

downtheavenue is super-cool: Fabienne and Budd

grip_on_life is super-cool: Budd and Kate Fuller

hellebelle is super-cool: Elle Driver and Ordell Robbie

hernando57 is super-cool: Bill

lipstick_kiss_ is super-cool: Mr. Orange and Sophie Fatale

meaghan1345 is super-cool: Butch and Beatrix Kiddo

mr__fahrenheit_ super-cool: Budd and Vernita Green

neonswedishfish is super-cool: Nice Guy Eddie and Mia Wallace

obsetress is super-cool: Mia Wallace and Jules Winnfield

psycho7772 is super-cool: Elle Driver and Seth Gecko

libbyish is super-cool: O-Ren Ishii and Mr. White

she_is_so_vain is super-cool: Gogo Yubari and Mr. Blonde

smck42 is super-cool: Fabinne and Mr. Brown

sordidfiction is super-cool: Vincent Vega and O-Ren Ishii

taughtjohnuh is super-cool: Mr. Blonde and Elle Driver

tieittothetree is super-cool: Fabienne and Richie Gecko

unmodified is super-cool: Mr. Pink and Beatrix Kiddo

aboleyn is super-cool: Mia Wallace and Mr. Orange

-Obviously, what’s your name?:
-Any nicknames?:
-How old are you?:
-How do you usually act during stressful situations?:
-If a friend or associate was in deep shit, how would you react to the situation?:
-How good are you with people?:
-What bad habits do you possess?:
-What are your closest friends like?:
-What’s your favorite bands/types of music?:
-What do you do for a living (i.e. school, work, etc.)? Do you enjoy it?:
-What are six positive adjectives that describe you?:
-What are six negative adjectives that describe you?:
-What sort of people are you attracted to?:
-What’s your current relationship status?:
-If you’re in a group, what part do you play (intelligent one, the funny one, etc.)?:
-What do you usually wear on an average day?:
-What do you think about smoking?:
-Tell us an anecdote (a short account of an interesting or humorous incident) that involved you:
-What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?
-What’s your opinion on tipping?:
-What’s your opinion on cops?:
-How well do you take orders from others?:
-Do you have any piercings?:
-Describe your favorite restaurant.:
-What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?:
-What do you like to do with your friends?:
-What’s your favorite TV show?:
-What is your dream occupation?:
-Do you generally do as you’re told?:
-If you were in a fight, what kind of weapon would you wield and why?:
-What’s the one most important thing in your life?:
-What was the most painful thing that has ever happened to you?:
-Are you more of a vengeful or passive person?:
-Describe the worst day of your life thus far.:
-What was the stupidest thing you and your friends have ever done?:
-Have you ever played multiple mind-games with anyone before?:
-Do you like or dislike children?:
-What is your favorite mythological creature and why?:
-Do you like to travel?:
-Would you like to be stamped as a guy, girl, or both?:
-Please post at least one picture of yourself (if possible):