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Goddamn, that's a pretty fuckin' good milkshake!

-Obviously, what’s your name?: Morgan
-Any nicknames?: Wilson
-How old are you?: 16
-How do you usually act during stressful situations?: I try not to act at all. However, if it’s like a major test or somethin’, I’ll just hole up and avoid everyone and start cramming. Sometimes if I have an audience I’ll throw things. If I don’t have an audience I’ll just mutter a string of curses.
-If a friend or associate was in deep shit, how would you react to the situation?: I would try to help them as much as possible, but if it requires my to put my rear in the line then I might think twice.
-How good are you with people?: I like people. If I see people I don’t know, I am god awful at making small talk, but if I am in a crazy mood I might just start acting really weird with them like saying crazy things.
-What bad habits do you possess?: I chew on my pens. It’s gross, and I’m really trying to stop, but I can’t help it!
-What are your closest friends like?: Crazies. That’s why I love them. They are the people that always sit together in some corner and laugh really loud at just about everything.
-What’s your favorite bands/types of music?: I like rock or alternative mostly, and lately my favorite bands are The Dave Matthews Band, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Coldplay, and basically anyone on the Velvet Goldmine, Trainspotting, or RENT (the musical) soundtrack.
-What do you do for a living (i.e. school, work, etc.)? Do you enjoy it?: I’m a student that hopes to be a writer one of these days.
-What are six positive adjectives that describe you?: patient, dedicated, loyal, open-minded, loving, creative
-What are six negative adjectives that describe you?: Obsessive, overly-submissive, indecisive, overly-passionate, procrastinator, distant
-What sort of people are you attracted to?: If it’s a guy, someone who is witty and kind and a romantic. But the bad guys are also a big turn-on, but I wouldn’t want to be in a actually long-term relationship with one. If it’s a girl, someone who’s wacky and funny.
-What’s your current relationship status?: single. As usual. Unless you count all the fictional characters I fall in love with. *sigh*
-If you’re in a group, what part do you play (intelligent one, the funny one, etc.)?: the one who is academically intelligent and just sits there and laughs at everyone.
-What do you usually wear on an average day?: Corduroy pants and t-shirts that says odd things on them (like one of them has a picture of a mole animal with a halo around it’s head and says “holy moley”). I hate to shop, so really I just wear what my mom buys me.
-What do you think about smoking?: I hate that law that says people can’t smoke in bars. Now the drunks from the bar downstairs of my house go out to smoke and be loud and the smoke comes through my window and it’s gross. I’m not really against it, I just would appreciate it if people didn’t smoke within sniffing distance of me.
-Tell us an anecdote (a short account of an interesting or humorous incident) that involved you: In 8th grade my last school (School of the Future. Don’t ask.) took the class to Washington D.C. We all went into the library of congress and we got this crazy old angry tour guide who obviously didn’t like children and showed us to this special place where there were a bunch of people reading crazy important documents. He tells us not to use a flash when we take a picture and then one of the girls flashes a picture. And then the guy gets all red and starts yelling at us, “get out of here! I’m calling the cops!!” and the teachers were freaking out and we all panicked and ran out of that building.
-What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?: A very good one. We don’t all sing in a circle around a campfire, but we do understand each other.
-What’s your opinion on tipping?: It’s good. I’ll always tip was too much, and I don’t have the heart to badly tip someone no matter how bad they are.
-What’s your opinion on cops?: I dunno. They are good if the preserve justice and all, but they are freaking scary when they turn all abusive of their power. Really, I just try to avoid them.
-How well do you take orders from others?: Too well. Someone could ask me to jump a cliff and I’d do it.
-Do you have any piercings?: Nope. My earlobes are nice and soft.
-Describe your favorite restaurant.: Mary Anne’s, a cute Mexican restaurant right next to my house. They have the BEST quesadillas.
-What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?: Um, I guess I had a long conversation in the middle of this abandoned part of Brooklyn in the middle of the night with this guy who wanted to follow me home because I was scared out of my wits cause it looked like he had a couple friends and I didn’t know what else to do. Eventually, by friend took control of the situation and got us out of it.
-What do you like to do with your friends?: We are crazy movie-watchers. But besides that we just sit around and goof off.
-What’s your favorite TV show?: “Lost” and “House M.D.” and “Who’s Line is it, Anyway?”
-What is your dream occupation?: Novel writer.
-Do you generally do as you’re told?: Yep. I repeat the thing about jumping off a cliff.
-If you were in a fight, what kind of weapon would you wield and why?: Er, if it was a real life-or-death fight, I suppose a gun because although it’s an awful and unfair weapon, it does what it’s supposed to.
-What’s the one most important thing in your life?: Um, it’s a tie between my friends and family. And writing. Did I mention I am indecisive?
-What was the most painful thing that has ever happened to you?: Physically painful? Braces, I suppose. Mentally painful, Um, I dunno. The thing with the drunk guy was pretty scary.
-Are you more of a vengeful or passive person?: Blaringly passive
-Describe the worst day of your life thus far.: Um…I can’t think of one really worst day. I guess when my bird died really slowly.
-What was the stupidest thing you and your friends have ever done?: Dude, we have done so many stupid things…I suppose off the top of my head. Nothing like drugs or getting gang-raped or something, just stupid little things like acting foolish. For example, when RENT came out in theaters we went to the “Life Café” and those that knew the words started shimming around the tables and singing a little loudly “La Vie Boheme”.
-Have you ever played multiple mind-games with anyone before?: Um, maybe.
-Do you like or dislike children?: I think they are cute, though after spending too much time with them they can get annoying.
-What is your favorite mythological creature and why?: After reading “Interview with the Vampire” I think vampires are the sexiest things ever. Especially vampires called Lestat. Lestat/Louis forever! (again, obsessive)
-Do you like to travel?: I LOVE to travel. Unfortunately, I hardly ever travel due to school. :(
-Would you like to be stamped as a guy, girl, or both?: Either is fine by me
-Please post at least one picture of yourself (if possible): Sorry, I just got a new computer and I have no pictures : (
I love all those who bothered to read this!
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